Mortar io secured pre-seed funding

Founders of Mortar IO


In exciting news, Mortar io, the ClimateTech startup utilising the power of AI and physics to revolutionise building retrofits, has successfully closed its first round of financing for their pre-seed round.  

This signifies a major stride in their mission to transform the landscape of energy-efficient buildings, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Geovation Scotland, a driving force in fostering innovation.  

Empowering sustainable change 

Imaging a world where every building serves both planet and people.  

Mortar io’s innovative 3D simulation tool, infused with AI/ML, geospatial data and physics-based modelling, is making this vision a reality.  

By crafting ‘retrofit’ twins of entire building portfolios, they are empowering property managers and engineering consultants to embark on energy-efficient retrofits with newfound speed and precision. 

Meeting urgent global demands 

The urgency of combating climate change cannot be overstated. Mortar io is at the forefront of this battle, addressing the staggering 40% of global carbon emissions attributed to buildings.  

In regions like the UK and EU, where traditional building operations contribute significantly to GHG emissions, their technology arrives as a beacon of hope.

As regulations tighten and the need for energy efficiency becomes paramount, they stand ready to catalyse transformative change.

Celebrating Geovation Scotland’s support 

Mortar io extends heartfelt gratitude to Geovation Scotland, a true champion of open innovation. 

Our Accelerator Programme has been instrumental in nurturing startups like Mortar io, providing invaluable opportunities for growth and collaboration.  

With our support, Mortar io is not just dreaming of a greener tomorrow but actively building it, one retrofit at a time. 

Meet the heartbeat of Mortar io 

Behind Mortar io’s success story is a team pulsating with passion and dedication. Led by Ranjeet Bhalareo, Ruggiero Guida, and Josephine Bromley, their founders embody the spirit of change.  

The team’s diverse expertise in energy systems engineering, commercial real estate, and digital twin development forms the cornerstone of Mortar io’s innovative approach, making them the driving force behind the company’s transformative solutions. 

Looking ahead

With this newfound support, Mortar io is poised for an exciting chapter of growth.  

The focus is on expanding their engineering team and igniting pilot projects with early adopter customers.  

The goal is clear:  

  • to expedite planning 
  • inspire strategic investments 
  • usher in a new era of energy efficiency  

Search Mortar IO’s open jobs 

Join the movement 

Mortar io welcomes conversations with potential investors who share our vision of a brighter, greener future.  

By becoming a part of Mortar io’s journey, investors aren’t just supporting a company; they are joining a movement aimed at transforming buildings into symbols of sustainability and progress. 

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