Sharing data: Our ellipsis drive


With Ellipsis Drive as our partner for data-as-a-service, access to OS and HMLR datasets is intuitive, user driven and current.

What is Geovation’s Ellipsis Drive?

The drive is a cloud native familiar file management and sharing system with geospatial at its core. With support for modern OGC compliant vector and raster data formats, the simple folder and map-based interface is well organised and supports a product familiar dissemination of datasets.

As a ‘map first’ user interaction, our datasets are instantly displayed on an OS basemap providing that all important spatial context within our data catalogue. From here users have a suite of tools available to them.


Layer actions allow for the general inspection of data, online in Ellipsis Drive you can centre around the whole datasets, view features as records in a table and click on individual features on the map for a full attribute breakdown.


Layer controls encourage you to style data, manage rendering options, and in the case of raster data even inspect pixel values and perform basic statistical analysis.


The data integration options aim to support many use cases such as forming part of your application pipeline or simply being available for raw and area of interest file download. Ellipsis Drive supports modern OGC compliant geospatial data formats, making Geovation’s data ready for exploration.

What data is currently available?

All data on the drive is updated monthly, in the first week of the month. For the OS, we are currently able share with you the following products:

  • National Geographic Database
  • MasterMap Imagery Layer
  • Terrain 5
  • Unreleased Experimental Data

These products are all offered at the sample coverage shown on the map below.

This spread of 20 areas across Great Britain aims to give the best data variety. In total this sample covers 4000 km².

For the HMLR, we continue to share the full data coverage of England and Wales for the National Polygon Service

We have plans to share data from more providers for our members, so watch this space.

As a member how do you access the drive?

Whilst many of you have access already, if you like what you see here and want to get in touch for an induction to the Geovation Ellipsis Drive and data access, drop a message on Slack or book in a tech clinic with our geospatial developer Richard Hargreaves.

If you’re not a Geovation member, you will need to sign up to join our community first here.