9th September 2011

It’s National Organic Month


Did you know that September is the Organic Industry’s month to celebrate and promote all things organic. The Soil Association are promoting this initiative with details all the different ways you can get involved, from visiting festivals to learning new skills.

I am sure this close is close to many GeoVators hearts, following on from the successful challenge of How can Britain feed itself? and subsequent Local food mapping workshop.

One of the main problems from the workshop was how to understand and promote local food sources and how mapping can help. I have found an OS OpenSpace app that demonstrates exactly how mapping can help to promote locally sourced food. This application features food sources around Sussex and is currently in the testing status, but allows you to add your own local food sources for the area.


And if you are in London looking to grow some of your own organic fair, then take a look at https://www.allotmentsite.co.uk, which shows locations of allotments in and around London.