19th July 2016

Secure up to £20,000 in funding for your GeoTech start-up


The Programme is aimed at developers, entrepreneurs and innovators to take their ideas and build them into real businesses. The Geovation team work closely with the teams and invest funding, resources and developer time to help them build their businesses ready for market. The Hub itself provides a range of resources geared towards helping them develop their businesses. This includes desk space, coaching and mentorship, access to OS and partner data, developer support, access to software, legal and professional support and other services that can be hard to secure when you’re first starting out. The Programme is divided into four phases: Phases one to three are over a period of six months, where Programme members receive a total of £10,000 in funding. If a prototype is successfully delivered at the end of this phase four kicks in, which is a further six months on the Programme with an additional £10,000 in funding. For those who are successful in getting to phase four, the Geovation team help to secure further funding and the provide go-to-market support to launch the product and make it a commercial success.

Phases graphic

We’ve already got 11 start-ups through the Geovation Programme and strategic partners include Intel, IBM, DSTL, Nominet, Springwise, OGC, KPMG, and Dorsey.

Alex Wrottesley runs the Geovation Programme: “There are a lot of places for startups to get support in London, but its vital to find a Programme that offers the focused support your business needs. By focusing on our area of expertise we’re able to offer deep industry and technical knowledge which is unique. Providing dedicated development resource is something very few places offer and it means the businesses we select can get things started faster and they can move further than they otherwise would have been able to. To the start-up community in general the Geovation Hub adds a new dimension. Applications can be submitted here and must be submitted by 17 August.

Photo of Heathrow Pod at terminal 5

Read this blog post by Nathan Koren “Collaboration and Innovation in the Evolution of Cities”. He is an architect, transport planner, software entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Podaris, a cloud-collaboration platform for urban infrastructure planning that recently joined the Programme this year in May. Essentially it’s a shared collaborative canvas upon which policymakers, planners, engineers, and public stakeholders can co-create their ideas in a fully transparent, real-time environment. He holds an architecture degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Oxford. With a specialty in automated transport technologies, Nathan has been involved in groundbreaking transport innovations projects around the world, including the Heathrow Pod. Podaris have been researching into potential ideas, opportunities and issues. We got a chance to speak to Nathan about why the world needs Podaris, how he came up with the idea, complex challenges they’ve had to face so far and more. Applications can be submitted here and must be submitted by 17 August.

Applications to the Geovation Programme 2016 are now officially closed.