16th December 2021

Launching our Diffuse Coastal Pollution Challenge

Millie Smith

Geovation is launching a Challenge with UKHO to find a sustainable solution to Diffuse Coastal Pollution! 


At Geovation, we strongly believe that by studying, dissecting, and understanding the problem of diffuse coastal pollution, combined with data, our expertise in business and start-ups we can find a sustainable solution. Our approach is grounded in research and collaboration. Working together with innovators and start-ups is key to proposing the most effective and long-term real solutions.  

Geovation concentrating this challenge on diffuse coastal pollution to put the spotlight on the significant impacts it causes and discover innovative ways to help solve the problem. We’re passionate about finding a sustainable solution as we recognise that it must not be ignored anymore to save the issue from cumulating even more.  


Want to make an impact? 


This is a unique opportunity for you to make a real impact on a growing global problem. Not only will you be contributing to finding a solution, but winners of the challenge will receive up to £5,000 to further develop their ideas. If you’re an innovator or someone who cares about the environment and wants to make an impact, then we’re looking for you to join the challenge!


Who can apply?

UK registered Ltd company or UK resident over 18 years old and someone who wants to make a positive impact.


Challenge Timeline 


The challenge is running over the next few months with several different stages throughout. After the successful start-ups have been announced, we will work with them to refine, and challenge proposed solutions. Following that, pitching will take place and the winners will be announced and awarded the cash prize. 


Diffuse Coastal Pollution

Using the best Data Available


We want to support the discovery of sustainable solutions, to support you we have gathered the best available data from authoritative providers.

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data that helps others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world’s oceans. They share this data with governments, defence users and academia, as well as make it available through our portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions. This includes their world-leading range of navigational charts, publications and data sets which can be found on board over 90% of ships trading internationally.

The UKHO have made available access to datasets for Bathymetry and Maritime limits and Boundaries, Marine Protected Areas and the Tidal Data through an API.

Ordnance Survey is a world leader in geospatial services, creating location insights for positive impact. Ordnance’s Survey’s full range of APIs are available for use in the challenge under a trial arrangement along with a set of premium datasets which can be made available.

The Met Office have also provided access and support for range of Climate and metrological data from a range of publicly accessible data catalogues.

The British Geological Survey have provided access to three sample datasets GeoSure, GeoCivil’s and a Groundwater Vulnerability dataset.

 Geovation Coastal Pollution Challenge

How to apply to the Challenge

Register for the Challenge 
Firstly, applicants must register for the challenge until. Once you’ve registered you’ll get access to the data, information and primary and secondary research we have carried out which will help you create your solution! 

Submit your application 
Submissions for the challenge will be open until the 20th of February. Applicants will need to submit a slide deck (15 slides maximum).

The slide deck should include a description of the problem you want to solve, the solution you propose and how you will execute it, how you will use the data and your next steps, including the use of the potential prize money. Please try to use more images than text in the slide deck.

Do you want to make a real positive impact on our environment? Sign up to the challenge here or submit your application here.

If you want to find out more about our challenge before you apply, discover all you need to know on our Diffuse Coastal Pollution Challenge Page.  

Register for the challenge here or submit your application here.

We’re excited to help solve the global issue of diffuse coastal pollution with you, together.