3rd June 2021

Life as a Geovation graduate intern

Claire Corlett

As we say goodbye to Jevgenia, who has spent the last few months working with us on developing the Geovation community, we asked her to share her thoughts on life with the team!

Over the past week, which is sadly my last, I’ve been reflecting on my time at Geovation and the projects I have worked on over the past 4 months. I’ve had the opportunity to work with different departments – events, marketing, the accelerator programme(to name a few), which gave me a wide range of valuable experience, enabling me to grow both professionally and personally.

There were many great projects I got to work on, but two of them come to mind that I found especially enjoyable. One of them was working alongside Nourin on the community strategy plan, where I utilized my research skills in order to understand, from a theoretical point of view, the structural elements that constitute a community and which practices help the community thrive.

I also loved working on the success story segment on our Slack channel. This project was dedicated to highlighting to the Geovation community the start-ups who have had major success, and received funding and awards, since graduating from the Accelerator. I really enjoyed the process – familiarizing myself with the previous cohorts; learning in more depth about them and their successes; communicating with the founders; creating content, posting on the channel and seeing positive responses from the community members.

There’s no shortage of incredible start-ups that have been a part of the Accelerator – I was pleased to learn that the majority of the cohorts had a strong emphasis on finding solutions to social and global sustainability issues. My favourite start-ups must be Gather and Sociability. They are similar in that both companies work towards improving social issues with their incredible work – Sociability has made it possible for disabled people to explore their communities with ease, by providing detailed accessibility information about local venues; Gather works to improve sanitation infrastructure by providing access to safe, working toilets to most vulnerable communities around the world.

Overall, my experience working at Geovation has been overwhelmingly positive and beneficial. As a recent graduate, I’ve learnt how to navigate a professional environment with confidence, within a tech industry I was previously unfamiliar with. I’ve learnt about digital mapping, location and property data and the importance it plays in geospatial technology. I’ve worked alongside colleagues who are experts in their fields and learnt directly from them, which I’m very grateful for. I’ve improved my technical skills and learnt how to operate new software.

Although I’m sad that my time at Geovation has come to an end, I feel certain that I’m moving forward with an upgraded skillset under my belt, as well as improved confidence in myself.

The team wishes Jevgenia the very best of luck for her next step!