27th September 2012

Liftsharing with Innovation Challenge winner


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One of the winners of innovation funding in our 2011 GeoVation Challenge How can we improve transport in Britain? were liftshare with their idea myPTP . This is an innovative web-based tool, designed to provide personalised travel plans to individuals at a fraction of the current time and cost.

Next week (1-5 October) is liftshare Week. Over half a million people have already joined the liftshare network, to share lifts and typically save about £1,000 a year and last year, liftshare Week won a European award, and over 6,200 new members signed up in just five days! This year they’ve done even more to make the campaign more successful than ever…

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Why should you give car-sharing a try in liftshare Week
  • The typical commuter who car-shares every day saves about £1,000 a year
  • It also helps you do your bit for the environment
  • It makes boring solo journeys sociable and fun
  • It’s flexible
  • It reduces stress if you don’t have to drive every day
  • You don’t even need a car to sign up to be a car-sharer. Many members are willing to do the driving in return for a contribution to their fuel costs and some friendly company!

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So if your interested in sustainable travel, saving money and environmental benefits then  and this is your opportunity to giving car-sharing a try!  Find out more about liftshare week  and join for free to find someone else going your way…