12th February 2015

MakeSense: a highly active global organisation of social entrepreneurs


To date, GeoVation has run eight challenges. Through these challenges, we have helped to develop and fund many ventures and to connect many more individuals throughout Great Britain.

Of course, innovation takes place everywhere in the world, and there are innumerable people involved in creating social enterprises. We aim to highlight networks and resources that may be of interest to the GeoVation community, and today we bring you a guest blog from MakeSense.


MakeSense is a highly active global organisation that focusses on social enterprise. We believe that social entrepreneurs (SocEnts) are the heroes of the 21st century. The School of Social Enterprise defines social enterprise broadly as ‘a business driven by a social or environmental purpose’.

The GeoVation and MakeSense communities share the same motivating spirit that drives both to gather people together, to help the projects in being sustainable, and to tackle real issues. The MakeSense process is similar to the GeoVation process in that both organise sessions to discuss social issues and expand these into Challenges to which the whole community can add their voices.

Over the past four years, MakeSense has connected thousands of volunteers and is now active in over 100 cities worldwide. This makes it an excellent resource for those in the GeoVation community, who may use it to network and organise internationally with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Social entrepreneurs are sometimes isolated, and with help from MakeSense facilitators they can crowdsource new and creative ideas to tackle their everyday challenges. Upcoming MakeSense events span across 100+ cities/locations; in the UK there are events being held in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Nottingham, Northampton, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton, and Warwick. The volunteer supporters also gain further insight into social enterprise and the challenges faced by different social entrepreneurs. They will also be able to get involved in other projects, and share their talents and expertise with causes that make sense for them. It can also inspire them to become a social entrepreneur!

Ventures supported by MakeSense include StudentFunder, which helps students in the UK to fund their studies; and Prakti, which is based in India and builds cheap, efficient cookstoves and thus helps to combat respiratory diseases, poverty, pollution and gender inequality

‘I couldn’t have done it without MakeSense. They helped me with brainstorming sessions and building a community around me. It was not just their ideas but their pure energy and support that really helped me to get my venture off the ground.’

— Juan, StudentFunder