31st October 2012

Putting Britain’s haunted places on the map!


As it’s Halloween I thought it would be fun to map out the location of some of the most haunted places around Britain – and find out which spooky places to stay clear of tonight!

I’ve used the  OS OpenSpace plug in for WordPress which was created by one of developer community to map  some of these below.  This is a great way to incorporate an Ordnance Survey map showing walks or places of interest into your blog.

Spooky places on the map include the Tower of London (Ordnance Survey’s former home too) which is one of London’s favourite visitor attractions and also claimed to be home to a few past inhabitants  – such as Anne Boleyn and the White Lady. No surprise really, considering the amount of beheadings, hangings and tortures that happened there!  In Edinburgh there is Mary King’s Close – infamous for its tales of ghosts and unexplained happenings.

Other top haunted spots include Pendle Hill in Lancashire with its reputation for being a place where twelve accused witches lived in the 17th century and Highgate Cemetery, London, another top ghost spot which features on the map.  The Red Lion in Avebury, Wiltshire is one Britain’s most haunted pubs; you can even spend the night there! Closer to our Head Office in Southampton, the Montegu Arms in Beaulieu has seen its share of apparitions  and the South’s most haunted house is claimed to be Wymering Manor, Portsmouth.

You can find out more about these and others on the OS OpenSpace map below.

[osmap markers=”TQ3361880608;Tower of London|TQ2849087153 ;Highgate Cemetary|SU1001369891;Red Lion,Avebury |SU 38726 02220;The Montegu Arms |SU 46223 07985;Netley Hospital, Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley |SU 65040 05638;Wymering Manor |NT 25739 73680;The Real Mary King’s Close |SD804414;Pendle Hill |SX 83686 61701;Berry Pomeroy Castle |ST 11340 96712;Llanchaiach Fawr Manor |ST 76047 93284;The Ancient Ram Inn |NZ 28749 51036;Lumley Castle “]