27th May 2020

Meet the founder: Occubly

Claire Corlett

We’re finding out more about the team behind Occubly, one of the startups to join our Accelerator Programme in cohort 10.  

Q: Who are the founders of your startup, and what are your backgrounds?

A: Mark is a data analyst specialising in large corporate landlord data. Ian is an ex-strategy consultant and second time startup founder.

Q: Tell us the story behind your startup – why did you start your company?

A: Ian was trying to extend a property lease and found out first-hand the complexity of the leasehold process. Mark was working in the sector, saw the data challenges that make the process complex and was motivated to improve the available solutions. They decided to team up and create automations in the service to help others.

Q: What does success look like for you?

Occubly want to become the go to platform for leaseholder advocacy in the UK and help thousands who are either struggling or put off by the daunting process and challenging issues facing leaseholders and large corporate landlords.

Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far, and why?

A: Having the validation of Geovation was huge and being in a community of best in class prop tech entrepreneurs has helped make big strides forward in bringing the proposition to market

Q: What are your plans for your startup over the next six months?

A: Occubly are looking to pilot with housing associations to validate their data analytics insights to increase tenant satisfaction and bottom-line profitability.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself!

A: Mark can be often found in his local South London park skipping for over 10,000 revolutions in a single session which helps keep his numeric brain busy while working out. Ian is a biohacker and constantly measuring and monitoring nutritional inputs and performance outputs.