16th September 2021

Meet the Founders: Digihome

Millie Smith

We were delighted to hear from co-founder and CEO of Digihome, Jon Chapman, as he told us more about his startup, what they have achieved in a short amount of time and their future goals. Digihome are currently on the PropTech track of our Accelerator Programme.


Q: Tell us about your startup – why did you start your company, who are the founders, and what are your backgrounds?

Digihome Founder


A: Like many homeowners, I found the administrative side of owning a home time-consuming and stressful. There was no lightbulb moment, more as we all took time to evaluate our lives and purpose during the pandemic, I realised, that many of my friends had the same challenges around the home, and this was something I wanted to solve.

I’m Jon Chapman, co-founder & CEO of Digihome. I’ve been working in proptech for nearly a decade and have been involved in two successful startups. Firstly, at Fixflo, a repairs and maintenance software solution for rental properties, and more recently at Just Move In, a home setup solution.

James Sherwood-Rogers, is the other co-founder, and joined the company in April. James brings a huge amount of expertise and experience to the company, having run a £1bn technology and data business and is also Chairman of a fintech data business.


Q: What’s your startups biggest achievement so far, and why?

A: I think it’s getting to today. It’s almost the default to look for those big milestones and think of them, but having started Digihome in lockdown it’s definitely had its challenges. From not meeting James in person for the initial five months we worked together, in creating a solution which is new and unique with little by way of references in the marketplace, and with very limited technical capabilities, to being a couple of months from launching, in under a year is something we’re very proud of.

I would add, the acceptance onto the latest cohort of the Geovation programme, was a fantastic achievement for us, and has greatly helped and contributed to our journey and getting to this stage.


Q: How have you and your startup benefitted from being on the Accelerator Programme?

A: I think with any startup the more support and guidance you can access the better, and that is available across several different areas. The sessions with Paul Nebel on product have been invaluable in questioning how we evaluate our proposition, the guys across Land Registry and Ordnance Survey are always available to assist in answering questions, the personal coaching especially as a first-time founder has helped in navigating some challenges, and the topic specific sessions have provided value throughout the programme.


Q: What has been the best thing about being on the Programme?

A: If I had to choose just one element, it would have to be the interaction with all those associated with the programme and the other companies on the cohort. Lockdown created an isolated start to Digihome in that we couldn’t access people and resources in the same way. The benefit of being on the programme is you are able to access a wide range of individuals and expertise without issue. Being part of the cohort has enabled us to share and understand different challenges and successes, and we’re currently in discussions with one of the other cohort members around a partnership, which could be exciting and reinforces the collaborative philosophy around the programme.


Q: What are your goals for your startup over the next six months?

A: The next few months are super exciting for us, we’re currently in the middle of an investment round which we aim to close shortly, and which will enable us to start building a team and to further develop the app. We’re also aiming to launch our version 1 in the next couple of months with a couple of partners, with then further partners starting in 2022.



Want to hear more about Digihome? They will be presenting at our Showcase event on 30 September at 13:30(BST) where you can hear their business ideas and ask them questions to explore future possibilities of collaboration. You will also hear from the rest of the cohort on the Accelerator Programme.

Register for the event here: Geovation Autumn Showcase 2021