24th August 2021

Meet The Founders: SearchLand

Millie Smith

We found out more about the founders of SearchLand, a startup who are currently on the PropTech track of our Accelerator Programme!

SearchLand Proptech Startup

Q:Tell us about your startup – why did you start your company, who are the founders, and what are your backgrounds?

A: SearchLand is a tool that makes it possible to source off-market sites and fill your businesses pipeline with new high yielding development leads.

We started SearchLand because of the frustrations of planning and land sourcing seeming to be ignored by tech solutions that have been helping other industries over the last decade. Typically, development opportunities are brought to users via agents or the market. This drives up the price of a deal as there are more parties involved in moving the site through the market.

SearchLand allows its customers to find sites with development opportunities and contact the land owner directly. This means they can set more reasonable prices (that can benefit both the landowner and developer) and give them more control over the process.

We have 3 founders on our team:

Hugh Gibbs: background in planning, site sourcing and GIS

Archie Kennedy-Dyson: Developer with a successful tech start up history. Previously worked was CTO at a start-up called WalkUp

Arthur Goodhart: Developer and Data Scientist has worked with tech start ups previously as well.

Find out more about their story here.


Q: What’s your biggest achievement so far, and why?

A: Building the letter sending tool is our biggest achievement so far. This is something we had thought of prior to building the platform and on our early sales calls customers would often ask if there is a faster way to reach out to land owners.

The reason this is a big achievement for us is because this tool provided a USP for us and distinguished us from our competition (who have been around for 5 years +). It also has made us better consider how we can leverage our customer base to guide product development and shown that the best ideas come from listening. Going forward, giving our customer base a bigger say in our development pipeline is going to be a big part of our business.


Q:What attracted you to the Geovation Accelerator Programme?

A: Collaborative working in an environment with other businesses in working in the same space. It’s great to be able to talk in detail about the same datasets and hear how other organisations are using them.


Q:How have you and your startup benefitted from being on the Programme?

A: The sessions have forced me to think about the holistic aspects of setting up a business. It’s too easy to get stuck looking at the product/platform but sessions on business plans, forecasting, marketing etc have been great for providing well rounded development.


Q: What are your goals for your startup over the next six months?

A: Set the company up so it is ready to be scaled in all aspects. I would like for the company to be ready to start hiring for full time positions in sales, development, and marketing.

Create a marketing and content strategy that can be easily maintained – SearchLand marketing playbook.

Introduce the first element of customer design on the platform: feature request voting system, publicise our work plan/Trello boards etc.

Be able to take a week off and not have the business slow down…

Visit the SearchLand site here to find out more.


Are you an early stage startup using property and/or location data and interested in joining our Accelerator Programme? The Geovation Accelerator Programme is open for applications until 30 August at 23:59 (BST). Apply to the PropTech track here or the GeoTech track here.