Geovation Mentorship Programme

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Our Programme provides both mentees and mentors with the opportunity to learn, develop and accelerator in their career and life.

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About the Programme

The Geovation Mentorship Programme is a one-to-one mentoring scheme.

Programme participants are selected based on their level of interest and commitment, as demonstrated through their application. We aim to match mentors and mentees based on areas of expertise, the skills and knowledge they wish to develop.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and genders to participate in the Mentorship Programme.

Active Mentoring Relationships
Mentoring Participants

What to Expect

If you are selected for the Mentorship Programme, you should expect to commit to:

– Meetings with your mentor or mentee – once a month at the minimum. Can be done remotely or in person-however the mentor and mentee would like it

– To complete feedback forms provided by Geovation at the end of the mentorship programme to highlight your experience

– Engage in the Slack channel that will be set up specifically for the mentorship programme

– Actively participate in the programme until it ends

"I have liked feeling more involved with Geovation and supported by them. Nourin ensured that my mentor was a perfect match!"

Linda (Director of Tapestry Innovation, mentee)

Benefits of being a Mentor or a Mentee

There are several benefits of being a mentor. It not only serves to give back to our community, but it is also an important development and learning experience. Teaching others is the best way to learn yourself. In the same way, mentors become more competent as leaders and communicators as they guide and help rising talent.

Similarly, there are a lot of benefits to being mentored by someone more experienced and senior than you. A mentor can be a sounding board when the less experienced person comes up against a situation or problem that they are not familiar with or can’t see a solution to. They are there to share advice and offer guidance that enables you to benefit from experiences beyond your own.

Meet our Mentors

Thierry Gregorius

Thierry has spent most of his career in the geospatial sector, with over 20 years’ experience in various leadership and consulting roles at companies including Shell International, Landmark Information and Getech Group.

Fully certified and accredited as an executive coach, Thierry founded True Horizon Coaching in 2020 and has since worked with dozens of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide. He is known for coaching with a strong focus on authenticity, vision, strategy, transformation, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

Steve Karmeinsky

Steve started his career in medical electronics designing hardware and software (C/8bit), then went into mobile writing frequency planning software. He took over running their UNIX systems and then rolled out a wide area tcp/ip network across all their UK sites (this was pre-Internet in the UK).

After being told no one would want Internet at home, let alone on their mobile phone, Steve joined Demon Internet (the first UK consumer ISP). Saw it move from entrepreneurial start-up to incumbent telco after it floated (THUS Plc). Then went back into start-up land where he remained ever since.

"The mentors assigned have been a perfect fit for me and the business. I have had 2 mentors and each of them has added value based on their skill set. The relationship developed with Ashwin seems to have formed a long-term bond."

Ishan (Founder of VIP World Services, mentee)

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