26th May 2010

Mission:Explore Festivals


Weather like this cries out for us to get out exploring. Next week Geography Collective member David Rogers is cycling from the south to the north of Wales… cross country. Not everyone has the time or energy to make epic trips like these, but everyone can get out exploring. For us exploration is simply about seeking for answers to questions, even if we don’t know what those questions are before setting out. Having this very loose and open view of exploration means that the process can be real or imagined, physical or emotional, scientific or artistic and we make this most of this.

This summer we’re taking Mission:Explore on Tour. If you are at Sunrise next flags-1week, Glastonbury a couple of weeks later or Latitude in July you will find us in the kids fields launching our missions. Tom our illustrator will be working with kids to ink their own missions and those taking part will be swapping missions to attempt within the festival site.

At The Secret Garden Party we’ve accidentally become the curators of the porta-1Explorer Camp, a stage in which explorers and travellers tell tales of their journeys. This year we’ve got some special stuff lined up. On top of our missions we’re going to be exploring the geography of dance music, body painting emotions, holding sensory dance explorations and doing masked adventures. We’ve also got Christian Nold  running an emotional maps workshop, Olly Steeds talking about his latest series on the Discovery Channel, Colin Butfield from the WWF on exploring for new species, Siobhan Sinnerton from Unreported World , The Light Surgeons  on psychogeography in film and the urban adventurer the Urbanist. We’ve also got a treasure hunt in which someone will win an Intrepid Travel adventure through Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. All in all we are showing how geography and exploration can be local, familiar, accessible and fascinating.

If you’d like to join us we’ve got 2 tickets that can be won to the Secret Garden Party. Visit our blog to find out how.

hands-1We’ve even created a free Mission:Explore Festival guide too. To download it visit our blog here or if you’re going to Latitude we’ve done a special sheepy one you can get from their website

Daniel Raven Ellison, Mission:Explore