29th October 2010

Nat’s Big Walk: Harwich to Folkestone


Nat is approaching the final week of his ‘mega trek’ around Britain’s coast.  Catch up with him and this thoughts on litter:

So I am on the home straight, but unlike a marathon I am feeling fresher than ever, my body, I think, believes this is normal. This will clearly cause me problems when I stop, I will not be walking 25 miles each day for fun, but for now I will give thanks that life is a little easier.

Nat in Kent

Nat in Kent

It occurred to me that this whole way round there has been one thing that has shocked and disappointed me in equal measure: the ever-present companion of litter.

In the busier places or near the cities, you would expect to see detritus washing up onto the beaches or littering the promenades and indeed you don’t have to look far to find it. It’s annoying and you wish people would be more careful, but it appears to be an accepted evil of coastal towns and cities.

Where it gets shocking is when you are miles from anywhere and you walk along a beach hardly trodden and every few yards you find yourself looking at plastic bottles, packaging or bags. Even in the remotest parts of Scotland a plastic bottle would be sitting on the shoreline, a constant reminder of commercial exploits far removed from the scenery.

Clearly, the sea is its transport, which makes things a whole lot worse. I was fortunate enough to see the otters, dolphins and sea eagles that have made these remote spots their homes, away from that dangerous predator the human. But the human impact still reaches them through the rubbish.

BeachThere are so many beautiful bits of coastline in Britain but they are in danger of being eclipsed by the blight of rubbish. I had no idea of the scale of the problem before I started this walk.

I must appear to grumble quite a lot in these blogs but I have actually really enjoyed the whole walk – I just felt that when I saw issues like this arise I should try and bring them to people’s attention so they can be fixed!

I will be finishing on 5 November back in Portsmouth, so if you are about and want to come and say hello, you are more than welcome to come down. See my website for more details.

Nat Severs

If you’ve been inspired by Nat’s Big Walk you can find further details and information on the charities he’s fund-raising for on his website