20th August 2010

Nat’s big walk – John O’Groats to Inverness


Another update from Nat who, after 4,700 miles,  has now worn out his boots and is heading towards civilisation again:

John O Groats

John O Groats

So, John O’Groats and Dunnet Head are now behind me. I have to admit, Dunnet Head felt more special, as I was pretty much the only one there and it was a stunning day. John O’Groats I just found odd.

Pitched up in the campsite, every five minutes you hear cheers as another group arrives. It is quite a party atmosphere but I found it quite odd seeing as I had another 2000 miles to go!

The walking in the past two weeks has been pretty good as the paths have started coming back to being better maintained, or existent at least! I have been doing a good thirty miles a day and this has really seen me eat up the mileage.

Writing this I am in Inverness which seems like a really nice city. It is providing me the opportunity to do some housekeeping.

My kit is, for the most part, holding up well. However, I am now on my second self-inflating mattress and this has also now broke! So I am having to change this. Despite claiming to be hardy I have found them unable to camp with the rigours of wild camping,boots

My boots, sadly, are at the end. After 4,700 miles they have worn through to the soles and I am having to swap them. It is an oddly sad day as I have grown attached to them and strangely will miss them! But for the next 2,000 miles or so I need something proper on my feet.


Dunnet Head

The rest of my kit is fine, my tent, Coleman Stove and other gear has all stood up to the test spectacularly well and their reliability has meant a more comfortable time than it could have been in the remoteness of the highlands.

From now on it is the different challenge of constant cities and much busier coastpaths, but it is a good challenge and I am looking forward to re-entering populous society!

Nat Severs