11th June 2010

Nat’s big walk – Skipness to Oban

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne

For most of you the hot weather has no doubt been a delight, but walking up and down the lochs of Scotland carrying a backpack the weight of a large child, the humidity has not been welcome at all. The heat really slows you down and puts a lot of demands on your water supply. With their being little in the way of civilisation along this stretch, I have had to resort to using streamwater and purification tablets to keep hydrated.

That said, progress has not slowed and I am still managing between 25-30 miles a day – it is is just being spread out across the day over a longer period of time. The long days of sunlight up here are a real bonus, such a change from the 9 or so hours I was getting when I started the walk. Finishing in the dark with my head torch seems so long ago!

A large proportion of the past two weeks were spent walking up and down the long finger to Campbelltown and back. It really is a stunning part of the country and I consider myself lucky to have been able to experience the wildness of it. The wildlife is exceptional with seals, otters and birdlife a plenty.

Nat's first swim

Nat's first swim

As nice as the Lochs are up here, it is always a relief to get back on the coast and to remember that this, after all, is a coastal walk! The contrary coastline, unfortunately, does not always let you follow it.

I have had to fight to walk along the coast directly, with paths and a way through often elusive. Rest assured I remain as close as I can, though, and one benefit of the hot weather was that I did get my firsts wim in the sea of the journey, 150 days in! It was extremely cold, but it gave me a break from the midges which are as bad as everyone warned me they would be!

Nathaniel Severs

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