28th September 2010

New GeoVation Challenge – How can we improve transport in Britain


GeoVation today launches it’s second challenge for 2010 “How can we improve transport in Britain?” We all travel and we are all transport users. Travel and transport are key to businesses and central to our way of life. But many aspects of transportation clearly have significant environmental, social and economic impacts. As users, what innovative ideas, using geographic information and other technology, can we suggest that helps reduce those impacts, changes our behaviour, and improves the overall experience? – that’s the GeoVation Challenge!

Bumper to bumper. Photo by Lynac via Flikr

Bumper to bumper. Photo by Lynac via Flikr

The GeoVation Challenge is funded by Ordnance Survey and IdeasInTranit.org through the Technology Strategy Board. The project aims to promote the understanding, awareness and development of user innovations relevant to transport.

This GeoVation challenge is also supported by Business in the Community, which works with business to build a sustainable future for people and planet, and The National Business Travel Network promoting sustainable travel plans.

The GeoVation Challenge is running from now until 12noon on 11 February 2011.

So whether you walk, pedal, drive or fly get posting your great ideas on how we can improve transport in Britain.

Get GeoVating!