7th November 2019

Kids, walks and art: Open Data Camp 7 welcomes everyone

Claire Corlett

Open Data Camp, the free unconference devoted to open data, came to Geovation in London at the weekend. It’s an event where you, the people attending, decide what we talk about. At Open Data Camp, the agenda is whatever we make it, together.


Over two days, there was plenty of talk about data and open data. From Getting started on a guide to getting started to Registers: why they matter and how to save them. We didn’t just focus on data, we touched on related topics. Artists asked about Data Art: what are the limits and opportunities in data licensing for artists?, we learnt about Wardley Maps and how to dismantle colonialism’s influence on data today in Decolonialising Data.

Data affects us all, so we set out to make Open Data Camp 7 more welcoming for everyone: carers with children, people of colour, disabled people, everyone LGBT+ and more. We set aside tickets for people of colour, we set up a kids area, an oasis for children and their carers, we updated our code of conduct to reflect feedback about in-jokes, we made sure people could signal they didn’t wish to be photographed and we provided quiet spaces for people to chill out.

We still have work to do to make the next Open Data Camp even more welcoming, for example, scheduling outside half term. We couldn’t have done this without you, our campmakers, our sponsors, Drawnalism who captured the day in images and words, our suppliers, the amazing space provided by Geovation and the support from Geovation’s team to make everyone welcome and comfortable at Open Data Camp 7.

At Open Data camp 7 we also:

We want to make the next Open Data Camp even better. Get in touch by email ODCampuk@gmail.com or on twitter Open Data Camp.