6th October 2021

Onsee Rebrand

Millie Smith

Onsee have recently graduated from 6 months of hard work on our Accelerator Programme. During their time on the Programme their startup rebranded and we were keen to find out more! We asked Liz, the co-founder of Onsee, some questions about their startup, rebrand and their time on the Accelerator Programme.


Q: Tell us about your startup – How did the idea for Onsee begin and who are the founders?

A: Onsee is a cycle technology company on a mission to create safer cycling with better data. Our product REBO is a cyclist dashcam that allows users to easily capture incidents on the road – this creates more accurate and informative near miss data which we use to feed into infrastructure planning and road safety. 

The co-founders Crispian and Liz met in 2017 during their MBA year at Imperial College. Together we echoed the sentiment that there really is nothing quite like getting around on a bike – it’s fast, environmentally-friendly, and fun! However, in order to get more people on bikes, cycling needs to look and feel a lot safer than it does now. After speaking with tons of different cyclists from all over the world, local councils, and cycling organisations, we developed REBO to tackle safer cycling with better data. 


Q: What was the motivation behind your startups rebrand and why Onsee?

A: Cyclists are often not seen as legitimate road users and find themselves needing to fight for space or act defensively on the road. The name Onsee was inspired by the all-seeing eye, a symbol of protection, and sets out to represent our goal to get people comfortable with using bikes in everyday life.
Onsee embodies the beauty and freedom of seeing the world on two wheels when safety is no longer a barrier.

Onsee Logo


Q: How has your startup benefitted from the rebrand/ how do you hope your startup will benefit?

A: The re-brand is part of our strategy to increase our brand presence and visual identity in the cycling community and strengthen our position in the marketplace. Everything from the O in Onsee which represents a surrounding protection for people on bike journeys, our new core colors inspired by the urban environment and innovative energy, to the free-flowing designs that represents journeys and freedom of movement that healthy and happy cycle cities should have are all steps we’ve taken to further communicate our mission and vision.


Q: Were there any challenges that came with rebranding and how did you overcome them?

A: A name change and re-brand is always a very difficult process. We wanted to find a name that the whole team felt was representative of us, and liked! We went through rounds and rounds of discussion, narrowing in on a few whilst working with our graphic designer on how to visually communicate our mission with a symbolic logo.
By involving the entire team early, the internal adoption process when it came time to actually make the switch was much easier as everyone was already onboard and familiar with the messaging behind the name and designs.
We knew there would also be an adaptation phase where our audience will need to adjust to the use of Onsee so we made sure we sent out the appropriate communications to our close partners as well as clear and concise communication of our new brand identity. You can read more about our re-brand here.


Q: How have you and your startup benefitted from being on the Accelerator Programme?

A: The Geovation Accelerator has provided us with tons of tools and resources to help us in the last six months. 

A particularly useful part of the accelerator which aligned very well with our rebrand process were the focus sessions Geovation had arranged with F&G Marketing Academy. Throughout the four workshop sessions and two 1:1 sessions, we were able to really clarify our business purpose/missions and various sector customer profiles to roll out as part of our brand identity. 

We also had a few very useful pitch training sessions with coach Mariana who played a big part in helping us win first place at the Velo-City 2021 Innovation competition, the premier worldwide annual cycling summit. 


Want to find out more about Onsee? Take a look at their website here to find all the information you need about them, or watch our Showcase event here where they pitched their business idea and answered questions.