8th September 2021

OS Map & Hack Virtual Hackathon

Millie Smith

OS Map & Hack is Ordnance Survey’s (OS) first virtual hackathon taking place on October 6 & 7. The hackathon will focus on how geospatial data contributes to solving real-world challenges around issues within the sustainability and transportation arena.

The two-day event will bring coding enthusiasts of all professions and backgrounds together to look at the use of geospatial data and how this can be used in the transition towards sustainable alternatives across multiple market sectors.

Participants will have the option to enter as either individuals or teams, they will have an opportunity to work to four different challenges whilst collaborating with developers and data scientists across public sector and private sector. The four different challenges range from supporting local governments to influencing consumer behaviours.

The four key challenges are:

OS will provide the platform and on-demand access to all its premium OS data, along with full support from its team of GIS specialists. Prizes are on offer and winners will receive collaboration time with OS technical consultants and geospatial experts, as well as Geovation memberships and a bundle of OS prizes.

OS want to bring programmers’ talents together to create ideas that tackle the challenges around the successful roll out of electric vehicles (EVs) across Britain in coming years. Obstacles such as EV infrastructure in rural locations being left behind compared to urban areas, where to locate off-street car charging points in residential streets, and how to convince car owners to switch over to EVs are challenges that have to be addressed by 2030.

Contributions will be evaluated by a panel of innovation and geospatial experts, who will look for the strongest and most innovative examples which make best use of OS data and APIs. Head of Geovation, Carly Morris, will be one of the judges on the panel. Ahead of the hackathon she says ‘location data is absolutely critical to helping us achieve a sustainable future and I’m super excited to see the innovation and creativity that comes out of the OS Map & Hack – bring your idea and let’s see what can be achieved in just 2 days!’.

The event’s opening ceremony, pitching, judging, and closing ceremony will be held via Microsoft Teams. Collaboration will be taking place on Discord with workshops, activities and channels that provides participants the opportunity to collaborate with developers across public sector, private sector and the start-up community. Participants can also collaborate directly with the OS teams to ensure they’re getting the most effective use of OS data.

OS invited all developers, data scientists, designers and storytellers to participate.