16th July 2012

New OS OpenSpace Code Playground launched

Luke Hampson

For those of you who aren’t aware, OS OpenSpace® is a free service available from Ordnance Survey that allows developers to embed high quality and accurate Geographic Information, into web applications using our JavaScript application programming interface (API).

Last week saw the launch of the OS OpenSpace Code Playground, an exciting new service that’s been designed to help developers with the applications that they are building.

OS OpenSpace Code Playground

The Code Playground provides an interactive way of exploring OS OpenSpace code examples, such as: ‘how to add markers and text from a file’ or ‘how to display an administrative boundary’ and so on; whilst also allowing users to experiment with their own code. Developers can edit both JavaScript® and HTML within the Code Playground, use the ‘Render’ or ‘Real-time preview’ functionality to view the map that they have created before using the ‘Download’ option to download the code as one HTML file. The code is then ready for the developer to add to their own OS OpenSpace application programming interface (API) key.

Well over 11 000 API keys have been registered since we launched the service in 2009 and many users may have referred to the support documentation published on our website, such as FAQs, gallery, tutorials etc to find answers to any questions that they may have had.

One of the more popular support tools used by OS OpenSpace users is the Community forum, a place where developers can seek out answers to their questions. Users can use the forum to check previous threads, for guidance and advice – it’s a great way to find the answer that you are looking for. Experts from the OS OpenSpace community actively contribute to the forum, and as a result, it’s an incredibly popular tool. We thought you may be interested to see just how popular, so here are some of the stats.

Since launch, the open forum has received:

OS Open Space Stats

Don’t have an OpenSpace API key but would like one? You can get one here.

For those of you who are thinking about using, or want to learn more about developing your GeoVation ideas with Ordnance Survey’s API, take a look at the Code Playground. It’s a great tool!

So, that wraps up the OS OpenSpace news – please do let us know what you think about the Code Playground by tweeting us @GeoVation, and be sure to include the #OSdeveloper hashtag to your tweet!