Have an idea?
Make it a reality.

If your idea needs location information to make it work, you’ve come to the right place. Geovation is all about experimenting and developing your ideas.

Get creative and be among like-minded people. You could be a keen innovator with big plans, a developer with the know-how, an entrepreneur looking to make a difference, a data scientist with a passion to explore, or you might have a PhD under your belt.

Location is everywhere, and our mission is to expand its use in the UK’s innovation community. So we’re here to help you along your journey to success. Get on board and let’s start with your idea…

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Get some space at the Hub

Spend time at our innovation lab - it's for individuals, SMEs and corporate organisations alike.

Get start-up funding

Position your idea to take off commercially, with help from our accelerator Programme.

Get ready for the Challenge

Help tackle the social, environmental or economic issues around the theme of water. Innovators and collaborators: get involved.

Meet the team

Alex: Makes things happen

Alex: Makes things happen

I help entrepreneurs and innovators create, build and grow new ventures using location data. Nothing makes me happier than a whiteboard crammed with ideas. I run the Hub and lead the Programme.

Chris: Enables change through Challenges

Chris: Enables change through Challenges

Through collaboration and open innovation I enable and deliver change across organisations at home and overseas. I'm motivated by the power in individuals using geography, in design thinking and technology in achieving scalable changes.

Sebastian: Engineers cool things

Sebastian: Engineers cool things

A natural born geek, I started programming before I even had a computer. I'm passionate about start-ups, lean principles and building agile teams. With over 20 years of professional experience, I love helping start-ups to build their MVPs using a pragmatically frugal approach.

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