Your opportunity for success

“I would recommend the Geovation Programme very highly to anyone who thinks that their startup might be applicable. It’s a fantastic environment to work in; you get access to a range of experts in lots of fields, fantastic consultants who will help you form your business plan, take your business plan to market, grow your team and grow your product. And it’s a fun and friendly environment to work in!” – Ed Leon-Klinger, CEO, Flock


Technology start-up businesses supported


Investment raised


New jobs created

Over 60

Third-party datasets used

Over 10

Market sectors

Whether you’re a developer, innovator or entrepreneur, the Geovation Programme, backed by Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry, is the perfect funded startup accelerator if you want to create a product or business using location or property data.

There are two tracks: PropTech and GeoTech.

Our PropTech Programme is run in partnership with HM Land Registry. It supports innovative technology businesses to revolutionise the property industry using property and geospatial data.

Our GeoTech Programme is our open call for any tech company creating location-based products and services.


Applications open 16 July noon

Applications close 27 August midnight

Programme begins 15 October 2018

Investor Showcase March 2019

Applications for the next cohort will open January 2019.

Who's it for?

Our Programmes are especially, though not exclusively, geared for those entering the geolocation market-place for the first time.

You may have an idea you’d like to explore, code you want to develop, or are inspired by technology’s place in solving real-world challenges. Our Programmes will open up exciting new opportunities using location or property information.

You’re very welcome to come and visit us at the Geovation Hub before applying, if you can, to get a flavour of our community, ethos and what we’re all about. It will also help you decide whether you think we’re right for you.

What are we looking for?

We know it’s not so much the idea that’s the key to innovation success, but the person behind it. You’re likely to be thinking about your idea day and night, boring your family and friends with talk of it and working on it to the exclusion of all else.

For both our GeoTech and PropTech and tracks, your idea must be something you can develop, use or provide which relates to location information or technology. You’ll typically be a startup looking to break into this market.

For our PropTech track, we’re focusing on disruptors who are determined to improve the speed, processes, and automation of the property sector. From selling mortgages and insurance to disrupting automating how data is extracted from records, we’re looking for PropTech businesses that could revolutionise the land and property market.

Our Approach

“Innovation is a bottoms-up, decentralized, and unpredictable thing, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be managed.” – Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

At Geovation we believe that startup success doesn’t just come about by a stroke of lucky genius, at the right time and in the right place. We have seen for ourselves that by embracing Lean and Agile methodologies we can empower your startup to have more likely success, no matter what stage you’re at.

Both the GeoTech and PropTech Programmes take you through four phases over the course of 12 months, with at least six months of focussed support including:

  • Financial support from day one with up to £20,000 grant funding.
  • 1:1s, workshops, master classes and events covering:
    • User-centred design and research
    • Product development
    • Business and finance
    • Sales and marketing
    • Leadership and communication
    • HR and legal
  • Bespoke developer support. We offer up to 1000 hours of software engineering resource in exchange for share options.
  • Preferential access to a range of leading software packages, tools and technologies.
  • Supported access to a range of open and proprietary datasets from Ordnance Survey, Land Registry and other partners.
  • Expert support from industry leaders and entrepreneurial mentors.
  • A platform to pitch at our Investor Showcase.
  • Up to 12 months Resident Innovator status, which entitles you to up to three full-time desks at the Geovation Hub in London and the opportunity to become part of our growing alumni community.

Your Commitment

“We needed experience and access to people with that geospatial, mapping expertise because our business is fundamentally about how we navigate ships around the world. We visited a lot of startup offices around town and I think this is one of the few spaces that actually feels like you can get work done. Three elements we found really useful were [having] someone always there on the business side of things – advising on fundraising etc, and on the development side – making sure we’re set up to work as a team and knowing how we can get access to different data sources, which was really important to us. Technologies with that mapping element to it I think are going to grow in importance as things get more real-time. Specifically, in logistics, there’s a lot that will be taken online. There’s a really big place for Geovation in helping those startups get involved and… everyone moving in the right direction together” – Jenna Brown, CEO & Co-Founder, Shipamax 

We expect Programme teams to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working on their project and attending core workshops at the Geovation Hub in London. Please take this into account when applying. It’s your chance to make the most of the Hub’s creative environment and have industry experts and mentors help nurture your idea. We can sometimes support teams outside London, but this is only possible by prior agreement so get in touch before you apply.

The Programme is divided into two parts: over the first six months you’ll cover Phases 1, 2 and 3 and receive a total of £10,000 in grant funding. If you successfully deliver an MVP at the end of this, you could move on to phase four, which offers a further six months of go-to-market support at Geovation with an additional £10,000 in grant funding.

If you’re successful in getting to phase four, we’ll also help you seek extra funding so that you have more than one source of investment and you’re well on your way to launching your product and making it a commercial success. You’ll have regular meetings to review how you’re getting on. How you progress through each phase will depend on your delivery against recommended milestones. Your eligibility for phase four will be based on the commercial viability of your MVP and is at the discretion of the Geovation Programme team.


Working with you to realise and build your product will look something like this:

Months 1-6

£10,000 funding

Phase 1 – Explore

Spend time researching your idea, opportunities, and issues.

– User testing with wireframes and paper prototypes
– Business Model Canvas
– Innovation Accounting

Phase 2 – Discover

Answer the who, why and what? about your idea.

– Customer Segment Analysis
– Value Proposition Design

Phase 3 – Create

Design, refine and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to bring your idea to life.

– Service Design
– Agile prototyping
– Value chain strategy

Months 7-12

Further £10,000 funding

Phase 4 – Embark

Scale to deliver a sustainable business model to address revenue or investment.

– Agile delivery
– Securing further investment


Applications for the next intake of the Programme are open at noon 16 July 2018 and close at midnight 27 August 2018. The Programme will begin 15 October 2018.

“From the very beginning, Geovation has been amazing at introducing us to anyone relevant for our business at the time… Geovation has an amazing network of people right at their fingertips, willing to help fledgling entrepreneurs” – Richa Bhalla, CEO & Founder, Pedals 


Want to become a collaborator?

Thank you to all our amazing collaborators and mentors who help to nurture our Geovation Programme startups.

If you’re interested in supporting and partnering with the Programme, please email us for more information.



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