8th June 2017

A few questions with Jenna from Shipamax


Today we have a guest blog from Jenna Brown, CEO & Co-founder of Shipamax, a Geovation Programme start-up that enables data-driven communication for ship operators and brokers. Recently they raised £2.5m in funding, so we sat down with Jenna to find out a little bit more about what the future looks like.

About the Author

Jenna Brown started her career in commodities before joining Index-backed Adzuna as their first sales hire. She most recently was Global Expansion Lead for GoCardless, a FinTech company backed by $24M from YC, Accel and Balderton Capital.

The Shipamax web-based platform puts operators and brokers in charge of their commodities by allowing them to track, communicate and make data-drive decisions, all through the use of location-data.

How did Shipamax start?

Shipamax started when my co-founder, Fabian, was getting frustrated trying to book a ship to transport fertiliser around the world. The process sucked – so much manual admin and back and forth. He discussed the idea with me (Jenna) and we decided to research a little more into it. We called a bunch of people from the industry and built a couple of landing pages of our idea on how this could be fixed. The verdict was pretty strong – booking a ship sucks and there was a hunger for something better. We were fascinated by the industry as a whole and excited about what technology could bring, so we decided to take the jump.

How does Shipamax use location-data as a fundamental part of the business?

The tracking of ships is an important part of the Shipamax platform. We use data from satellite and terrestrial radio receivers to detect where ships are. Additionally, we use layers of hydrographic data to help determine the routes ships may take.

Co-founders, Jenna & Fabian

Co-founders, Jenna & Fabian

What would you say to someone thinking of applying to the Geovation Programme?

Geovation was great for us – it gave us a place to work for over a year, some grant money when we had absolutely nothing and knowledge of a wide array of datasets that can be pulled in – specifically for us on emerging satellite data.

Congratulations on the £2.5m Seed investment lead by Cherubic Ventures! What are you planning to do with the investment?

Funding will be used to build out the team, accelerate product development and expand the customer base.

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