2nd April 2020

Accessing data remotely

Claire Corlett

Our members have access to a variety of datasets.  Under normal circumstances these are accessed from within the Geovation Hub.  Whilst the hub is closed, we’ve put together special remote access to allow members to continue working with the data.  

Data access changes

Please note, data access is only for members who already have access to OS or HMLR data.  Where you normally access this via the NAS, you can request remote access for it.

If you want to request access, please send an email to data@geovation.uk from the email address you have used to register as a Geovation member.  Please include the following in your email:

We will then contact you with the details of how to access the data remotely.  For any questions or problems please contact Andreas Mitrou.

If you are a new member, or would like to request access to the data for the first time, please contact Andreas to set this up for you.  

Remote data surgeries and support

We will continue to provide sessions around spatial data, OS/HMLR data access, geospatial analysis/processing whilst the hub is shut down.  These will be supported remotely using platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions about accessing or using data, Andreas is on hand to help.  You can either message via our member slack channel, or send him an email.