30th July 2021

Scotland Accelerator Programme Application Q+A

Millie Smith

Interested in applying to our Geovation Scotland Accelerator Programme but not sure where to start?

This week we chatted to Lyndsey Dougan, Geovation Scotland’s Delivery Lead and Programme Manager, Jess Sibley to find out some top tips to support you in the application process.

If you are a pre-seed or seed stage location or property technology start up keep reading…

Q: What are the main things you look for in an application?
A: Lynds – A fundamental element of a good application is a well-defined problem. At this stage we are not looking for perfectly formed solutions, we just need to know you understand the problem you are trying to solve and who you are trying to solve it for. Having the customer at the forefront of your mind whilst completing your application is really important.
Jess – The main thing I look for is a clear and concise application, that can be easily understood. Remember, we do not have any existing insights into you as a founder or your business, so we are relying on you to introduce your start up clearly and succinctly.  I also like to see that the applicant has a strong idea of their market and competitors.
Lynds – Absolutely, we are looking to see new and innovative ideas coming through. Speaking to potential customers/users is always a great place to start.

Q: What are the best tips you can give a potential applicant?
A: Lynds – Apply with an open mind and a willingness to learn! What we’ve found is that our most successful companies on the accelerator programme have joined us willing to listen, reflect and act on feedback.
Jess – I would second what Lyndsey said, being open to change is really important. You might have a clear idea of where your business is going to go and that’s great but sometimes working with our mentors can take your down a completely different path!

Q: Are there any things you’d advise founders to avoid during application?
A: Lynds – I’d say to avoid writing war and peace, keep it short and keep it snappy. As Jess said above, applications are much better when they are easy to understand.
Jess – For me, try to avoid focussing too much on technology and forgetting about the problem you are solving. Technology is just a tool to enable you to build a solution, it is not the solution!

Q: If successful, what can founders expect from the Geovation Scotland programme?
Jess – The first 6 months of the programme are intense by design, sometimes with multiple workshops in a week. I think sometimes founders are not prepared for the level of time commitment that is required, so be prepared for this! It can also be lots of fun and you’ll get from it what you put in.
A: Lynds – You’ll be joining a cohort of likeminded entrepreneurs with a common goal of taking their businesses to the next level. Not only that but you’ll be joining a community of well over 1000 founders right across the UK, in addition to gaining access to our contacts across the Scottish public and private sectors. If you need specific advice or support, there will be someone in our wider network that can help.


The benefits of our Scotland programme:
•Receive up to £15,000 in grant funding
• Bespoke programme of activity designed around you and your cohort
• Get access to data from OS and support from Registers of Scotland (RoS)
• Access to geospatial expertise from OS and land and property insight from RoS
• Access to product development capabilities that help you build your product/service offering
• Business mentorship and coaching
• Backed by years of industry experience and a network that reaches far and wide.

Applications close 30 August at 23:59 (BST).

For more information please visit the Geovation Scotland page or alternatively email us; admin@geovation.scot to arrange a chat.

Applications for the programme can be submitted below: