19th May 2010

Sculls and crossbones


News from one of our GeoVation Challenge Venture winners – Mission:Explore …

We’re at an exciting stage of Mission:Explore London. Our partners at The Workshop are throwing trial website pages at us and later today I’ll be having a go on the first iPhone App test. It’s all looking very sweet right now. As a little preview of what is to come here are a couple of elements that we will probably be using. 

new skulls.1

For us in The Geography Collective coming up with creative ideas for missions can be challenging at times, but the biggest job we face is risk assessing each mission. Every mission (located activity) that we place we are checking to make sure they are reasonably safe. We look for each of the main areas of risk for children and rate each mission according to the level of risk for that specific place at the time of checking. Any mission which includes an element of danger is only included if a warning can bring that risk down. On the website and App we highlight skulls like the ones above to show how risky the mission is against a range of factors including road traffic, water and heat.


 In true Mission:Explore style our map pins are going to be very inky. Here is one of our favorite. 



We are on track for Mission:Explore London to be out this July. The book is available now at Waterstones and online at Amazon

 Daniel Raven Ellison, Mission:Explore