17th August 2020

Startup Story: Walks & Waterfalls

Claire Corlett

Walks and Waterfalls founder, Oskar, introduces his startup and how they’ve benefited from Geovation’s support since joining the Geovation Scotland Accelerator Programme:

Walks & Waterfall is a new startup, developing an app allowing users to locate over 300 walks, waterfalls and wild swimming places in Scotland. The app uses OS mapping and Geolocation allowing users to ‘bag’ Waterfalls with live digital leaderboards and social engagement. It is a unique product which we intend to launch globally within the next three to four years.

The main value behind the app is about health and well being, a hot topic in these times of isolation. The motivation for our app is get people out there to explore the countryside and discover Scotland in a brand new new way.

We have been lucky as a company to be located in Scotland, there is a great support network here for start-ups, and more over Scotland is at the forefront for Tourism in the UK, which chimes well with our product.

Walks & Waterfalls have been very fortunate to have been among the first intake of companies of the newly set up Geovation Scotland. Geovation Scotland, have been instrumental in guiding us through the process of company development as well as providing beneficial sessions by a number of specialists ranging from OS mapping to product development, social media and legal workshops.

Walks & Waterfalls has also been fortunate in receiving the backing from Geovation London, who have invested in the company by providing the services of their senior Engineers to not only develop but also build the app.

During these challenging times of isolation and lockdown, I have been lucky enough to be able to continue to working on the project with Geovation London’s senior Engineer Paul Nebel (Virtual CTO). We have been able to meet ‘virtually’ twice weekly to develop the app, and as lockdown has eased, to test the app in the field.

A further advantage of working with Geovation in this manner is that it has allowed us to retain all tech rights for the app within the company.

We are now at a stage to start Beta testing and aim to launch the app by the end of the year. Once we have launched in Scotland it is our aim to launch throughout the rest of the UK followed by a European launch and beyond.

Find out more about joining our accelerator programme here