Track buying/ selling your home online.

March 2019


October 2020

Joined Geovation.

November 2020

v1.0 MVP launched.

April 2021

v1.1 Beta launched.

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Michael Wadsworth


Ian Jones



Our mission is to make buying/selling a home quick, clear and stress-free for everyone involved. Our vision is that adoor is the home for your house move, where buying/selling a house is a seamless experience connecting everyone involved to track the process in one place, revolutionising communication and completing transactions faster.

adoor is always open to help, before, during and after your move.


Communication when buying or selling a home is outdated. Why is it easier to track your Deliveroo than your house move?

The current process is reactive, everyone involved has to call/email for updates or to ask questions, consuming actionable time replying and switching between cases that should be spent completing the transaction.

There is no central platform connecting everyone involved where everyone’s already aligned from the start.


adoor is the central platform connecting buyers, sellers, conveyancers and estate agents, to track the chain of property transactions. See when the next stage is due, helpful hints at every stage help movers understand what is going on and see how others are progressing, all to reduce enquiries to focus the time on completing the transaction. APIs connect to existing systems so there’s no duplication.


n 2019 there were 833,000 transactions, with another 30% of moves that failed, all without a central platform to connect and to track the transactions.

There were also 372k first-time buyers, 23k Conveyancers and 15k estate agents in the UK.

We’ll get out to the market through industry recognition and partnerships with The Law Society, NAEA and CLC as well as onboarding mortgage brokers, financial advisors and lenders.


We have three Beta testing firms (2 Conveyancing offices + 1 Estate Agent branch) signed up and ready to start testing from April

Partnerships in principal with The Law Society and NAEA are agreed, alongside two others we look forward to announcing soon!

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