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Tackling the UK’s air quality issues head on with technology and data

January 2015

Atmo Technology founded

October 2019

Joined Geovation Accelerator Programme

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Guy Barkley


Paddy Thomas



Atmo help companies to protect their staff from exposure to poor air quality.


147 people died last year in the UK from accidents at work. By contrast, 12,000 died from breathing in harmful airborne substances.


Atmo are experts in air quality and IoT. We empower site managers to protect staff by producing actionable data and helping companies understand what causes pollution on-site.


Our mission is to save thousands of lives by providing site managers with the data they need to protect their staff.


The HSE estimates that there are 12,000 deaths each year from breathing in harmful airborne substances at work. This is 3x worse than asbestos-related deaths, for which there have been $250bn of ‘historic negligence lawsuits’ since it was made illegal in the year 2000.

The current method (gravimetric analysis) provides managers with only one datum point per person per day. It doesn’t give managers the data they need to protect personnel on-site, in terms of when and where pollution is problematic, or in identifying what the causes of pollution are. Therefore, managers don’t have the information with which to solve their air quality problems.


Our solution is to collect high-spatial-resolution environmental data from site, along with contextual data which helps us to determine causality. We display this to clients through our intuitive portal.

We tell companies – not just the quality of their air – but also the likely sources of pollution, the staff who may be at risk of exposure and causation. With this information, site managers are able to solve their air quality problems.


The market for occupational health and environmental services is £2bn in the UK, £75bn globally and is growing annually at 9%. We work directly with industry where it makes sense to do so, as well as selling our service through 3rd parties.

Our software-as-a-service model is priced monthly per sensor, with tiers of software and analytics on-top. Our client-data appreciates in value over time, through benchmarking and advanced analytics, so we aim for multi-year contracts.


Atmo work with numerous reputable companies such as Nisbets, RBT and Frazer Nash and recently landed bigger contracts with large companies. We also enjoy tech collaborations with the Universities of Bristol, Bath and Surrey and are joint-bidding on numerous research grants. We anticipate six-figure turnover this year (2020) and are open to investment opportunities.