Addressing the Biodiversity and Climate crises through Community-led Landscape eco-system restoration and Carbon Capture.

April 2020

BioCap founded.

September 2020

Landowner partnerships.

September 2020

Joined Geovation.

November 2020

IMGeospatial contract.

March 2021

Draft Opportunity Map.

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Ed Cooper

Founder & CEO


The BioCap Opportunity Map uses data to develop a mapped plan for a region that enables citizens, businesses, agencies and government to engage with landowners to use nature to offset carbon and enhance biodiversity. This creation of a local “marketplace” for carbon and biodiversity offsetting will allow communities to address climate change and biodiversity loss in their local countryside – planting the right tree in the right place.


Landowners and local communities need a meaningful response to climate change and biodiversity loss. Agencies and Government need a coherent, pragmatic regional plan for the use of nature-based interventions that can capture carbon and enhance biodiversity in the UK countryside. All parties then need the ability to act and measure outcomes.


The live BioCap Opportunity Map for a region defines potential projects across a region (tree planting, wetland creation, grassland management etc.). BioCap will work with landowners and local stakeholders to facilitate a process of offsetting carbon in projects and enhancing biodiversity. Technology will be used to monitor and measure progress.


BioCap is developing a platform that creates a local exchange of funding between individuals offsetting carbon and developers offsetting biodiversity with landowners who have environmental projects identified on the Opportunity Map. Agricultural subsidy will total £3-4 billion pa, and biodiversity and carbon offsetting will add to the flow of funding into the land sector for environmental goods. The model could be set up for every region/county in the UK.


BioCap has regular dialogue with and strong support from the owners of two large local estates totalling 7,000ha. We are working with IMGeospatial Ltd and Soarizon (a Thales subsidiary) to develop the use of drone and imaging data allied to Artificial Intelligence to quality control data and measure outcomes. We are in dialogue with local stakeholders, and are growing a local social media and online presence.