Building Passport

Making the worldwide built environment a safer place.


Company founded.

April 2020

Building Passport joined Geovation.

October 2020

Platform released.

December 2020

Exceeded 100 users & closed seed founding round.

February 2021

Integration with UK’s largest building control company.

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Rupert Parker

Founder & CEO


Our vision is to make the worldwide built environment a safer place. Our mission is to protect the real estate we occupy – but more importantly safeguard the lives of those inhabiting it. We want to do what we can to avoid disasters such as the Grenfell Tower fire and aid response to tragedies such as the Manchester Arena bombing so that people are safer, and feel safer, in their buildings.


Information on the physical built environment is sparsely located, often out of date and inaccurate. Furthermore, the emergency services often have access to even less information than building owners and operators. Subsequently prevention of and response to incidents such as fire or terrorism is less well  informed.


We collect accurate and up-to-date information on a building throughout its lifespan, combining it with live data and enabling a direct route of communication between Emergency Services, building owners and their entrusted  Responsible Person(s). This enables a live view of building conditions and a transparent history of a building to be created – allowing for enhanced fire  prevention measures and better informed response to incidents such as fire or terrorism.


In the UK alone there are 44,000,000 buildings. The majority are occupied  and susceptible to fire and therefore prime candidates for a Building Passport.

UK regulatory changes are on the horizon stipulating digital management of fire safety information and our aim is to be the go-to provider of this service. The initial route to market is through Building Control, which provides c.500,000  certificates per year for all new and refurbished buildings in the UK.


We have just kicked off a pilot with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, Pollen Homes and Assent Building Control to test the Beta product. 

We are working with the UK’s two largest building control companies to integrate Building Passport creation into their workflow to capture the c.35,000  new buildings they give approval to annually. 

For existing buildings, we have letters of intent from 4 commercial landlords with a combined portfolio of c.2 million sq ft.