Combine AI

Automate the automatable.

October 2019

Combine AI Launches

March 2020

Joined Geovation Accelerator Programme.

April 2020

Awarded funding from Innovate UK to develop for virtual meeting productivity improvements using AI.

October 2020

Awarded funding from Innovate UK to develop into a new concept for improving field-based services using AI.

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Aaron Mason



Combine AI is a software company specialising in intelligent business productivity tools, powered by artificial intelligence. Our goal is to “automate  the automatable”.

Our first product,, automates travel and appointment scheduling, helping busy professionals to save hours of time every week by reducing admin time, travel time, fuel costs and mitigating scheduling errors.


Scheduling appointments based on time and location is an unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming exercise and yet, on average, a busy professional that travels for work will spend up to five hours per week doing it. Even then, their resulting schedule is not optimal and wastes time – and time is money.

Solution is an intelligent assistant that connects to your calendar and automates  everything around your travel planning. This means that a busy professional no longer needs to try and work out when and where is the best time to meet their next client. automates this and saves admin time, travel time, fuel costs and reduces the chance of making scheduling mistakes. 

Market was created for busy professionals that travel for work and live by their calendar. This includes home-based services, installation companies, travelling salespeople and many other professions.  

The product works everywhere and integrates seamlessly into Google and Microsoft calendar, which have over 2 billion users combined. 

The appointment scheduling market is over half a billion with a CAGR of 13%. Our initial target market is English-speaking business management consultants travelling for business purposes to deliver consultancy services to customers at business locations.


We have launched our initial product and we are generating early monthly recurring revenue. Early adopters of, primarily across Europe, North  America and Australia, are praising the product. 

Combine AI has raised over £500,000 in innovation grant funding this year to bring and companion products, including, to market.