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October 2018

Crowdhaüs founded

October 2019

Joined Geovation Accelerator Programme

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Conan Osborne


Matt Pollen



Trying to get information about a property you like on-the-go is tough, time consuming and frustrating. Our vision is to connect people and property, no matter where you are. We are providing an alternative property platform that prioritises user experience, reduces time wasted and increases convenience – fit for the digital generation. Every time someone passes a property that fits their search criteria, they will be instantly notified via our app.


We live in an on-demand culture; people expect the information they want, when they want it. This isn’t the case in the real estate sector, and is particularly evident in the property search journey.

People spend too long browsing online portals, jumping between apps, and continuously checking their desktops throughout the working day. This is inefficient – people don’t have the time or patience to scroll through 100s of properties, hoping to fall upon the perfect one.


Crowdhaüs have developed an on-the-go property platform and smartsign, that instantly provides information to an interested user. We cater to a digital audience who demand greater efficiencies and personalisation in their home search experience – changing the world of property search, to property match. Every time someone passes a property that matches their search criteria they will instantly receive a notification, thanks to our smartsign and geo fencing technology.


We will always be free for the user. We will charge a subscription-based model to estate agents of £10/month/smartsign.

The property portal in the UK is currently worth £500m a year and consists of three big players. Their value remains rooted in sheer listing volume. By prioritising key features that cater to the digital generation, our focus is on the end-to end user experience, personalisation and increasing convenience in this ‘on-demand’ economy.


We have built our MVP – the crowdhaus user app, the agent app, and our online portal. We will shortly be running a trial of our technology in Bath. Bath currently has a restriction and ban on estate agent boards so is a good place to test our proposition. We currently have one estate agent signed up to the trial and one property development firm. Our focus moving forward will be in cities and boroughs throughout London with these restrictions in place.