Digihome takes the stress out of running a home by replacing folders, spreadsheets and the kitchen drawer with one easy-to-use app.

October 2020

Company set-up.

April 2021

Joined Geovation.

April 2021

James Sherwood-Rogers joins as Co-founder.

October 2021

Complete seed investment round.

January 2022

Beta version build completed and start of user testing

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Running a home is a hassle. No one tells you having a home involves a never-ending list of stuff to sort, appliances to fix and paper to file. Wondering where the warranty is? Stumped over your insurance provider? Debating when your energy deal ends? Organising information, renewals, to-do lists, and more, is stressful and hard to keep on top of, just ask the kitchen drawer or the teetering pile of paperwork on the dining table.


There are approximately 18m owner-occupied homes in the UK. From busy households, first-time buyers, to homeowners with a spreadsheet, Digihome helps to organising household admin. Our route to market is through partnership with large companies whose products and services relate to the home.


Digihome is here to take the stress out of running a home, by storing all your household admin – bills, to-do lists, policies and contracts – in one place. Find documents in seconds. Keep on top of renewals and upgrades. And share the mental load by dividing up tasks between the family. The future is folder free – join us.


We’re currently in the process of testing our beta version with users. We have several partner discussions ongoing with the plan of a full launch involving at least one of them at the end of Q1 2022.