Developing the infrastructure for a global digital marketplace for assets enveloped in company shells.

October 2018

Joined Geovation Accelerator Programme.

October 2019

Beta product was produced in Q4 of 2019

January 2020

Version 1 was launched. Raised Series A with QED investors leading the round.

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Moubin Faizullah Khan

Founder and CEO

Misrab Faizullah Khan

Founder and CEO


It’s about time to democratise liquid asset ownership. Imagine walking on a street
and thinking “I own 5% of that store, 10% of that flat, and 15% of that bridge”.
To start, we are tackling UK residential investment property, with £1.3 trillion of


Enveloping assets in company shells unlocks liquidity by enabling the right legal
basis for asset ownership, governance and exchange.
However, companies, one of humanity’s greatest inventions, are stuck in the past.
They are difficult and expensive to run.


We are digitising and automating the company, through:
• programmatic incorporation and administration;
• e-wallet financial infrastructure;
• automated accounting incorporating machine learning techniques; and
• a secondary market platform built for scale.


UK private residential investment property has £1.3 trillion of stock, £30bn to
£50bn of transactions per year representing between 150k to 200k property units.
From 2012 to 2016 the segment grew in value by 10% p.a.
Our business is designed to plug into the existing buying behaviours of existing
investors. This means they continue to do what they love – choose what to buy and
have full control. getGround just makes it easier and more profitable to do so.


Raised $2m seed round, have developed a proof of concept app and have 10–20 paying customers.