Increasing the availability of homes to those in need.

March 2020

Company founded.

May 2020

Invented new RDF data transformation process.

July 2020

Grew waiting list of clients with combined revenue of £10m.

October 2020

Built new transformation tool and integrated stack.

January 2021

Successfully trialled transformation of 100,000 lines of data.

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Ian Mihajlovic

Chief Evangelist

Mark Mihajlovic



Occubly’s mission is to increase the availability of homes to those in need, by improving data management for social housing providers. 

IT departments are spending more than 30% of available resources searching through multiple unconnected databases. This time is spent cleaning data in order to obtain insights for daily operational tasks, making it hard to fulfil basic compliance. Insights and ability to make strategic growth decisions is also lagging, which restricts the ability to make more affordable homes available. 

According to one CEO, data challenges are now a bigger existential threat than financing for large landlords.


Social housing providers lose £100m annually in penalties and lost revenues due to inadequate organisation of data. Covid-19 has exacerbated the issue, making it harder to access data and failing both tenants and regulators, increasing the need for urgent action.


Occubly has created a master data management platform that can integrate any data source and format, and create organisation-wide data reports in minutes rather than days and weeks.


Annually £4bn is spent by the sector on IT. A recent survey indicated IT budgets are projected to increase by 40% within the next 12 months due to growth IOT sensors and Covid-related challenges.


Occubly has built a POC based on consultation with industry CTOs and is in dialogue with potential pilot clients, in addition to forming a partnership with an industry association who is also keen to address this industry-wide challenge.

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