Sail Homes

Goodbye Estate Ancients. Hello Sail.

June 2020

Founded and Product launched.

October 2020

Joined the Geovation Accelerator Programme.

November 2020

Fastest sale in 29 days and had 100 valuations.

March 2021

Broke even.

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Jamie Cole


James Flight


Tom Camacho


Georgina Watson

Junior Software Engineer

Ciki Andjelkovich

Senior Software Engineer


Buying and selling a home shouldn’t be so painful. Estate agencies & conveyancers haven’t changed – it’s why it still takes seven months to sell a home. The system works great, just not for you – the seller. We’re on a mission to collapse the conveyancing process down to a 2-4 week process, with the ambition to reach one day conveyancing thereafter.


Ever sold a property before? You know how chaotic & stressful it can be. Bogged down with paperwork, unexplained delays, questions from buyers & conveyancers, worries about the deal falling through. That is why sales still take seven months to complete.


We’re an estate agent & conveyancer in one. We prepare the property for a sale by doing all the paperwork upfront, allowing us to avoid all the common pitfalls. By the time we have a buyer, your conveyancer will have raised enquiries and resolved them. We average 57 days currently – we’re aiming for 30


There are 1.6 million instructions per year, with just over 900k completions. SDLT holiday & 95% mortgages will keep the market buoyant but the pressure is resulting in slower completion times. Now is the time to capitalise on poor
service. What Purplebricks did for pricing, we want to do for speed & simplicity.


So far we’ve listed 46 properties, 12 under offer and 19 completed. We have a further 73 pending valuations, awaiting instruction. We’re averaging 57
days from offer to completion. Our application is with CLC for approval to be
opened up as a law firm.

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