Empowering social inclusion through better accessibility information

January 2019

SociAbility founded

June 2019

Product launched

October 2019

Joined Geovation Accelerator Programme

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Matt Pierri

CEO & Founder


SociAbility empowers greater social inclusion through better venue accessibility information.


We’re on a mission to make the world a more SociAble place by empowering disabled people to explore their communities with confidence and peace of mind.


SociAbility captures detailed, accurate and reliable data about the accessibility of local hospitality and retail venues through a crowdsourced mobile platform and vetted venue contributions.


Almost 1 in 5 people in the UK live with a disability. Yet, finding information about the accessibility of social venues remains frustratingly tedious, time-consuming and difficult.

For those with access needs – whether disabled, elderly or pushing a pram – the anxiety and stress of not knowing whether their destination will be accessible creates tangible barriers to social inclusion and economic participation.


SociAbility empowers disabled people to decide – for themselves – whether a venue is accessible or not.

By creating standardised, objective and detailed accessibility profiles of local hospitality and retail venues, SociAbility gives users the information they’re looking for – every time, everywhere.

By combining crowdsourced tags from our community with vetted contributions from venue partners, we’re building a comprehensive & reliable accessibility database for all.


SociAbility will generate revenue through three parallel streams: advertising, data licensing and premium B2B partnerships.

SociAbility targets a presently missing market – the excluded economic spend of disabled people and their friends & family. This is most commonly measured as The Purple Pound and valued at £249 billion per year. Of this, our target customers (supermarkets, pubs, clubs, restaurants etc) miss out on more than £12 billion/year through a lack of accessibility.


To date, our traction has been organic and controlled. Our MVP app has been downloaded more than 750 times and seen more than 750 venues profiled by our ~250 registered users. Alongside this, we’ve won startup awards internationally, raised more than £50k in grant funding, been accepted into multiple top-tier accelerator programs and developed partnerships with leading disability organisations in the UK, including Disability Rights UK and Scope.

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