VIP World Services

Designing solutions for 285 million Visually Impaired People (VIP) across the world.

May 2018

Ishan started research on the topic, “How to increase employability for the blind in the UK” for his MA Service Design degree (2017 -2018).

February 2019

Ishan created and tested the idea behind VIP World and pitched in University of the Arts London (UAL) Graduate Entrepreneur Visa competition successfully. 

November 2019

VIP World Services officially launched and started Travel Hands prototype testing.

March 2020

VIP World Services joined Geovation Accelerator for their first product Travel Hands. 12+ volunteers join the mission.

September 2020

VIP World Services supported by Innovate UK and Sport England grants. Volunteers turned into Employees.

February 2021

Launch of Travel Hands Call Centre Service.

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Ishan Jha

Founder & CDO


VIP World designs solutions for 285 million Visually Impaired People (VIP)  across the world so that they can lead an inclusive, convenient, and prosperous life. 

They design to make websites, mobile apps, or services inclusive for VIP by considering the WCAG accessibility standards and by user testing & getting  feedback from the VIP World Community. 

Travel Hands is the first product of VIP World, making travel safe, inexpensive, and independent.


Traveling safely, cheaply and independently outdoors is challenging for 285  million VIP across the world. Even for the shortest of distances, a VIP has to face the hassle of booking a taxi when making an unaccompanied journey. The trip is normally made through a phone call and entails an average waiting time of 20 minutes, despite being a brief 10-minute walk.


Travel Hands is an app that pairs VIP with sighted and verified volunteers to  walk together towards their similar destinations. 

The VIP pays a monthly subscription and gets to travel safely, cheaply &  independently. Their next of kin is updated about their journey in the Travel  Hands app. 

Volunteers are able to help the VIP in a flexible way and also get to walk more.  Distance walked is converted to points which can be converted to rewards  from affiliated companies that seek and value their customers. 


The Total Available Market is 285 million VIP globally. In UK, there are 2 million people with sight problems. The Serviceable Available Market comprises 307,699 VIPs registered with various service providers in the UK. The Serviceable Obtainable Market in London comprises 42,301 VIPs registered with charities, out of which 14,670 are 18 to 65 years old. 

The VIP will pay a £15 monthly subscription and corporate businesses will pay VIP World Services for advertising products and services to their community.


Travel Hands prototype was tested for a pilot run with 13 VIPs and 20 volunteers on the ground in February 2020 and will be initiated again from October onwards. During the COVID period, our team has supported VIPs in different ways online, growing the VIP World community to 120+ people. 

We have received grants from government bodies and subsequently partnered with charities and corporates to promote, test, and grow the concept into reality.