2nd December 2011

Sunlighting in Kent wins OS OpenData prize


Kent Connects - Developing SolutionsFollowing on from the recent Kent Connects Developing Solutions Camp on 25 November, we are pleased to announce that ‘Sunlighting in Kent’ (created by the founders of The Sunshine Bank – www.sunshinebank.co.uk) was the winning prototype in the “Help people help each other in their neighbourhoods” category.

They have been awarded £1000 from GeoVation to start to develop their application, which will use OS OpenData.

‘Sunlighting’ is the opposite of ‘moonlighting’, doing things that you really enjoy and want to share with others in your communities. Individuals and organisations (community groups, charities, businesses and council services) could connect with each other to exchange skills, resources and opportunities. This feature would be integrated with the Sunshine Bank, matching ‘sunlights’ with ‘sunlacks’ and adding recognition and reward to this activity.

OS OpenData maps would provide the physical locations of members and places, helping to match sunlights with sunlacks.

We wish the Sunshine Bank team all the luck in getting their application off the ground.