16th February 2015

The Green Alchemist empowers businesses to recycle


Element Green Recycling, one of the winners from our 2013 challenge ‘How do we help British business improve environmental performance?’, has recently released a new web application intended to make recycling more financially rewarding for businesses. The Green Alchemist app allows business to sort their recyclable waste and helps them make money from it by selling it to waste couriers.

Business rates do not cover waste and recycling services, meaning that businesses must manage their own own. Contamination causes 30% of recyclable waste to be sent to landfill each year. Sorting recyclable waste reduces contamination and increases its value.

The Green Alchemist provides details on waste couriers in the UK; pricing on recyclable materials; an auction facility for used furniture, electronic goods and recyclable waste; and products to help businesses recycle, such as the Green Pod. Businesses can use The Green Alchemist to auction quantities of recyclable waste or to request quotes for its collection; and waste couriers can use it to locate businesses with sorted recyclable waste for sale or collection. Householders can also use the app to locate recycling facilities in their area and the website to sell secondhand furniture and used goods. The app can also calculate the value of recyclable waste from its weight and type, allowing businesses to negotiate a better contract with waste couriers.

‘Due to the high demand for uncontaminated recyclables from the reprocessing industry we have identified a market opportunity for businesses to make money from their sorted recyclable waste. We are confident the app will empower businesses to ensure they realise the best possible value for their waste.’

— Ayo Isinkaye, CEO of Element Green Recycling

You can learn more — and businesses and waste couriers can sign up — at www.greenalchemist.co.uk.