4th November 2011

The London Cycle Map – an artist’s impression


GeoVation Challenge winner, London Cycle Map Campaign, is calling for a single,unified and easy to use cycling map of London –  the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

road ahead image for webIn this months magazine, Cycle Lifestyle have produced an artist’s impression to help visualise what the streets might look like if Simon Parker’s London Cycle Map is adopted. They suggest signs and road marking to direct cyclists around the network of routes.

This could make cycling from anywhere to anywhere in London as simple as following a few signs and a trail of coloured dots on the road – rather than remembering hundreds of turn-rights and turn-lefts. Download a copy of the Cycle Lifestyle magazine (Issue 6) (PDF) and take a look at pages pages 8 &9 to see for yourself.

If you think, like we do, that this is a great idea and would like to help make it a reality then sign the petition

maps combined for web