2nd January 2019

Top tech predictions for 2019

FlowX is an organisation which works with city authorities to extract better transport data from their existing CCTV infrastructure. As the founder, Richard Cartwright lets us know his top tech predictions for 2019…


What do you predict will be the next big thing to look out for in 2019 in your industry?

We are at the intersection of computer vision and transport. Each year computers are increasingly understanding what they’re seeing in images and videos. This allows us to extract needed transport data from existing video feeds at huge scale.

What has been your biggest achievement in 2018?

We’ve just won a £50k Innovate UK bid! This has injected real impetus into our work.

Richard Cartwright, Founder of FlowX.

Who would you like to impress you in 2019?

GovTech is important. Governments and their procurement processes are beginning to open up to start-ups. I will be impressed by any figures in government who drive this change forward against the inevitable status quo push-back.

What are your hopes for 2019?

Local government continues to open up and realise that tech start-ups can help in solving persistent policy problems. It is our duty to bring this positive change as soon as possible.

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