1st July 2020

Transforming access to OS data

Claire Corlett

Ordnance Survey have transformed the way you can access, use and share their data. It’s now easier to use Ordnance Survey’s world-class data for better customer experiences.

Their accurate location data is available to support a new generation of apps and services, helping users to visualise, analyse and navigate. From 1st July they are supporting greater use of OS data for anyone by;

You can use premium data up to the royalty-free threshold of £1,000 per calendar month, or in development mode. Use of premium data above the threshold of £1,000 per month will be possible after late September (date to be notified).

Until then, if you exceed the threshold, your use of premium data will be temporarily suspended until the start of the following calendar month, though OS OpenData can continue to be used in the interim. OS’ Premium Plan will be fully up and running from late September, when you’ll be able to pay for usage above the royalty-free threshold of £1,000 per calendar month. The development mode and Open API access is always available too.

You will also be able to more easily access and use their complete and accurate property addressing data via a new plug and play product – AddressBase Core. This provides address, UPRN, location, information on usage, and cross-referencing of 33 million addresses across GB in a simple, pre-processed, flat-file dataset, designed to be simple to use and unlock immediate value from Britain’s most complete address data.

Finally, OS are freeing up licensing terms and expanding their portfolio of high quality, maintained, open data with:

These changes are only the start. OS have an ambitious roadmap working in collaboration with expert user groups to bring improvements and new developments with real impact, directly supporting the vision and outcomes of the Geospatial Commission’s National Geospatial Strategy.

From 2021, they will start releasing new, richer data through the OS Data Hub, and we look forward to working closely with their partner community to ensure that their data supports innovative, efficient, and effective delivery of public services, as well as the generation of real economic value for the UK.

Ordnance Survey are also keen to hear your experiences of using their new data services – get in touch via social media on twitter @OrndnanceSurvey or on LinkedIn