23rd February 2012

Transforming neighbourhoods – what’s the problem?


An important part of the GeoVation Process is the Powwow which we hold to uncover the problems associated with meeting a challenge.

For the ‘How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together?’ Challenge we worked with Barking and Dagenham Council, Business in the Community, Cabinet Office, Design Council, Kent County Council, NESTA, Nonon, Ordnance Survey, Social Reporter, University of the Arts and UnLtd.

We asked: What problems are there in our neighbourhoods? What barriers are stopping citizens and councils improve neighbourhoods? From this we produced a list of 104 problem statements, grouped into 7 themes, which form the basis of the Challenge.

For example,  problems the Challenge aims to tackle are:

There are lots of other problems contained within the slides below, or see here.   Please take a look at these and, if you have an an idea that tackles any of these problems and makes use of Ordnance Survey products or services in the solution,  enter the GeoVation Challenge and you might win a slice of £115 000 funding to make your idea happen!

GeoVation How can we transform neightbourhoods in Britain together? Powwow output from Geovation