5th January 2022

Veya Start-up Success

Millie Smith

There is nothing better than hearing from founders who have previously been on our Accelerator Programme and hearing how much their start-up has grown. This time, we caught up with Veya who were on cohort 9 of our Programme.


Q: Tell us about your company – who are the founders and why did you start Veya?

A: Veya was founded by Jason Howarth in 2019 to help estate agents streamline their property transactions. Through Jason’s own frustrations as an estate agent, he felt there was an urgent need for clear, fast, and transparent information on property title deeds from the get-go. This inspired his idea for Veya, an innovative tool deriving property data from various sources to offer a comprehensive check of any property in seconds. Testing it out on his own agency, he found that he was able to speed up sales progressions, reduce fall-throughs and win more instructions.

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Q: What has Veya achieved since the Accelerator Programme?

A: Veya has progressed in leaps and bounds since Geovation’s Accelerator Programme. In terms of the technology itself we have built the first MVP to take to market and enhanced the platform enabling an open API. We have integrated with partners to offer biometric ID&V and AML checks and have performed bespoke integrations for some of our clients. We have obtained initial traction and additional investment which means we can now focus on scaling. Our initial steps towards this have been rebranding and launching a brand-new website as well as growing the team from just Jason to five members of staff.


Q: Are you working with any other start-ups from the community?

A: Yes, we have just integrated with Thirdfort to provide biometric ID&V technology to our customers. This means we can now offer legal-grade compliance checks, further expanding our value proposition.

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Q: What was the best thing about being part of the Accelerator Programme and how has Geovation contributed to your success?

A: Where do we start!

Geovation’s help in building our network was phenomenal. We now have direct access to key stakeholders at Land Registry and Ordnance Survey and have built fantastic connections with other entrepreneurs on the programme which was hugely beneficial. Access to the wider network has been great, particularly the Slack channel! Further to that we must mention the excellent training sessions, from building an MVP to public speaking, so much was covered in the programme that added a lot of value along the way (and saved us from a lot of rookie errors!).


Accelerator Programme

Veya got access to a wide variety of support whilst being on our Accelerator Programme. Not only did they get grant funding they received 6 months intensive support, structured to their needs to help grow their business.

Applications for the next cohort of our Accelerator Programme open soon, register your interest here to be notified when applications open.

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