13th August 2021

What is a GeoTech Startup?

Millie Smith

The Geovation Accelerator Programme has two tracks, PropTech and GeoTech. The GeoTech track is supported by Ordnance Survey. You’ve probably heard of the term PropTech before, however, we’re sure many of you haven’t heard of GeoTech! So, what exactly does GeoTech mean? GeoTech is the term Geovation use to describe startups using Geodata to create innovative products and services.


Is Your Startup GeoTech?

There is not just one simple example of a GeoTech startup, as any startup that uses Geodata can be considered as a GeoTech startup. What is and isn’t a GeoTech startup can be a confusing concept, however, if your startup uses Geodata then you can in fact consider it to be a GeoTech startup!


Examples of our GeoTech Startups

There is a breadth of unique startups that have been on the GeoTech track. They all have very different companies and ideas yet at the heart of their startup, they all use geo data. To get an idea of the companies we are looking to apply for our GeoTech track, find out more about the companies currently and previously on the Geotech track of our Accelerator Programme:


Find Out More About our GeoTech Startups

Our recent Founders Corner: Applying to the Geovation Accelerator Programme talk heard from startups currently and previously on the GeoTech track of the Accelerator Programme including Liz Yu, founder of onesee and Brittany Harris founder of Qflow. They both shared their experiences of the Accelerator Programme, how they benefitted and their top tips for applying to the Programme.

Are you considering applying to the Accelerator Programme? Watch this talk to gain an insight into the Accelerator Programme from people who have had first-hand experience of being on the Programmme.


Apply to the GeoTech Track

Apply to the GeoTech track now if you’re an early stage startup using location data in creative ways to provide products and services.

We encourage startups using location data to apply to the GeoTech track of the Accelerator Programme and we’d love to receive your application to be part of the upcoming cohort if your startup meets our criteria.