27th February 2012

Why enter the GeoVation Challenge?


Wondering whether to enter the latest ‘How can we transform neighbourhoods in Britain together? Challenge?

This new Challenge is open to everyone. In communities across Britain there are those who are heavily involved in local projects while others are far less active. However, the common theme is that we all experience local problems which we would like to see improved. The new challenge allows anyone to submit an idea which could ultimately help deliver solutions in local neighbourhoods. From the moment you enter the challenge the GeoVation process allows you to build and grow your ideas.  Members of the community can rate your ideas and offer suggestions.  If you are shortlisted to attend the weekend GeoVation Camp, on 18-20 May,  you will have the opportunity to work with others to develop your idea, build a prototype and practice the essential art of pitching!

Finalists will go forward to a GeoVation Showcase on 20 June where they’ll have the opportunity to practice these skills, as they pitch for a slice of the £115,000 funding to allow them to get started!

So, the GeoVation process is incredibly rewarding – but don’t take our word for it.  Below are some comments from previous winners:

GeoVation did wonders for the London Cycle Map Campaign. Even if we hadn’t won we’d have benefited enormously from the critical expertise of the judges, other entrants, and helpers. But winning also brought us credibility and gave us confidence going forward. Best of luck to this year’s entrants.

Ben Irvine London Cycle Map Campaign

We were thrilled to be one of the winners of the 2011 GeoVation contest.

Since September we’ve been busy creating Cyclescape, our toolkit for cycling advocacy groups around the UK. The GeoVation funding enabled us to take forward this not-for-profit project that would simply have been impossible to fund from the groups themselves, as they have few funds to call on.

The GeoVation process took us through several rounds, culminating in an enjoyable Dragon’s Den -style contest. Cyclescape has now reached beta stage, with initial use and testing now taking place – an exciting phase of our project!

Martin Lucas- Smith, CycleStreets

You can find out more about their ideas and other previous GeoVation Challenge winners here

Interested? Take a look at the problem statements and enter your ideas here.